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  • Baking potato

    With some butter and grated, sharp-flavoured cheese, the humble baked potato can make a fantastic meal.

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  • Colleen potatoes (new tatties)Colleen Potato

    Colleen potatoes are a nicely rounded, oval shape with yellow skin and creamy yellow flesh. With their waxy flesh they are particularly good for baking and chips.

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  • Duke of York potatoes (new tatties)Duke Of York Potatoes

    Duke of York seed potatoes were first entered on the national list back in 1891 and they soon became famous for their great taste and all-round culinary use in the kitchen. Once they are boiled the potatoes are dry and mealy, making them an ideal early to boil potato.

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  • Kerrs Pink potatoes (main crop)kerrs pink tatties

    Originating in Scotland, this variety is round with a pink skin, creamy white flesh and a floury cooked texture. It’s suited to baking, boiling, chipping, mashing & roasting.

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  • Rooster potatoes (main crop)Rooster Potatoes

    This potato is easily distinguishable by its red skin and shallow eyes. It is an amazingly versatile potato, perfect for boiling, mashing, steaming and baking. This potato is one of our best sellers and has won a string of awards including ‘Best Fruit or Vegetable Product’ at the Scottish Food and Drink Excellence awards.

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  • Valor potato (main crop)Valor potato

    The Valor potato is an oval, white-skinned potato with creamy flesh. It is a very versatile all-round variety that can be used for boiling, mashing, baking, roasting, and frying.

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